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Hand-drawn pictures can make things clear, simple, and fun in blogs, too!

Visual Thinking: Get it! Grab it! Go for it!


While visual thinking makes things simple, it certainly does not dumb them down. Part of the simplicity comes from removing unnecessary parts, leaving behind only what you need to work with. That allows you to really see exactly what it is you do have to work with. This often leads to that, "Oh, now I get it!" moment when everything finally seems to fall into place and make sense.

Once you can see things more clearly, you are able to make better decisions. Sometimes, things become so obvious it doesn't even really feel like you're making a decision at all. The right choice just jumps right at you. Or if you do need to think about it for a minute, it's much easier for you to grab it and run with it.

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Visual Thinking: Simple Meeting Template


To run successful meetings, it really helps to have a plan. Even really short meetings. That way, you're sure to get the most out of your time.

One great way to plan and document your meeting is with a visual template, like the one above. A visual template reminds you of what needs to be covered. Questions you want to be sure to ask. And even to setup the next meeting.

Noting key take-aways and feelings can help you pick up on insights and patterns you may otherwise miss. It also helps you think about things more broadly and deeply.

Visual Templates: Visual evaluation and group consensus


Most people think coming up with ideas is what creativity is all about, but evaluating them is just as important. And it's equally important evaluation waits until you're trying to decide which one of your many ideas to use. If that final decision is made in a group, consensus can be hard to reach.

A simple visual like this one can make the whole process much more simple, enjoyable, and engaging. Everyone can see at a glance how bright the group as a whole thinks that idea really is.