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Hand-drawn pictures can make things clear, simple, and fun in blogs, too!

Visual Thinking & Visual Notes: Live Graphic Recording at Events


There's never just one way to create visual notes, especially when they are created live. And at a large scale. That can make capturing a panel talk more of a challenge for some people. It takes a bit more flexibility than a clearly defined presentation.

I tend to capture panel discussions in a way that highlights the key points of the discussion as a whole. Not a series of summaries of what each person contributed. Since discussions tend to be rather fluid, the final visual makes much more sense that way. Speakers tend to like it better that way, too. So often key points build on what another speaker said, so there's no chance of misattribution when you capture the discussion as a whole.

The visual notes above were created during a panel discussion at TechInclusion last fall. You can see the whole set of visual notes created live, on-site there in this Flickr album

Visual Thinking & Lettering: Make it Personal - Gift Idea


Ever tried to buy a gift for someone who can buy whatever they want? It's not easy. And definitely requires an extra dose of creativity! 

So, here's an idea for you:

Give them something obviously created just for them - their name hand-drawn in a creative way. It might even include something you know they like, like the flower in the name above.

The name can then be framed or printed on any number of things (stickers, notepads, t-shirts, etc.) at places like Vistaprint or CafePress or used online.

Want more info? Email me and we can iron out the details of what would work best for you.