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Creativity: It's Contagious!

There's a myth out there that highly creative people just sit around and wait for inspiration to strike. And while they wait, they really don't care about the real world.

Truth is, highly creative people know great ideas do not come from within. They come from connections made with something outside ourselves. Often, those connections are made with something created by another creative person.

That's why the highly creative notice, appreciate, and celebrate creativity wherever they find it. And they even seek it out. So if you'd like to be more creative, start appreciating creativity when you see it. You'll soon discover ideas really are all around you!

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Live Graphic Recording: Leaders for Change 2014


Last Friday, I did some live graphic recording at Foster Youth in Action's Leaders for Change conference. Leadership teams from ten different groups each presented a little about their group, their accomplishments, and their goals. 

This was recorded on one 4'x8' panel. Since unity and collaboration were a big part of this event, it was really important for each group to be represented in one final image. Fortunately, space allowed for a larger image, but that's not always the case!

Alternately, each group's presentation could have been recorded on a smaller panel (around flip-chart size). Smaller images can then be displayed together at the event and pieced together into one final digital image, if desired.