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Hand-drawn pictures can make things clear, simple, and fun in blogs, too!

Visual Thinking & Creativity: Draw What You Can!


Want to draw something but don't know how? Or have time to draw it all? Then it's time to get creative!

Often, drawing just a hint of something can be just as powerful as drawing the whole thing. It adds an element of surprise or mystery. That draws people in and keeps them engaged. Both good things!

Take the image above. You know it's Santa in a chimney, right? All I drew was his hat. And not even all of it! Yet, it's still very clear that's Santa in the chimney. That's because our brains take in the whole picture to make sense of it. Everything else in this picture points to Santa, so that hat obviously belongs to none other than Santa himself.

Even with very limited drawing skills or time, you can create a complete picture. If you give the viewer enough clues, the brain fills in the rest!