live work

created in person, in real-time! 


Most of my work is done in real-time right in front of people at events, conferences, meetings, presentations, etc. Basically, I just set up an easel or tape paper to the wall and draw while people talk. I listen very carefully and capture the key concepts and main ideas using a lot of pictures along with words... and squiggly lines :) When people finish talking, I'm usually done drawing.

The drawings are most powerful when displayed afterwards where people mingle, so they can continue to talk about all the great content they just heard (like around the refreshments table or main hallway, for example). 

At the end of the day, I photograph my drawings and leave them with you. A few days later, I'll send you high resolution digital files of the images that will print well and can be used online, too. 

I can draw on a variety of surfaces in a variety of sizes and can help you best determine what will be best for you. Most of the time I draw on foam core boards or paper, but I've also drawn on white boards, writeable walls, glass panels, chalkboards, chalkboard tables, plastic panels, vinyl sheets...I'm open to your ideas!

Make it more interactive!

Sometimes, I work more interactively, drawing out people's responses to a question or prompt. This is a great way to get a feel for what is on the crowd's mind and can give folks a central talking point while they mingle. Samples of work created this way are shown above, created at parties, receptions, and even DreamForce! 

Why folks hire me to work in person

  • increase engagement among conference or event attendees.
  • help refine your message to win a large account (millions or billions of dollars!) or before a speech
  • deliver your compelling message to win that large account in a unique and memorable way
  • give your clients a unique, personalized, and strategic deliverable after your meeting.
  • simplify and lighten up serious, tedious, dry, or complicated discussions
  • more easily see the big picture for strategy and planning sessions 
  • discover how the pieces fit together and where there are gaps
  • find out what people think and how they feel about something in a way they'll be more likely to share
  • give your message legs on social media
  • engaging summaries of conference sessions folks may not be able to attend
  • visual recap of your content for newsletters, company reports, or future planning sessions
  • creative and personalized speaker gifts
  • encourage folks to think more holistically, visually, and creatively 

Who works with One Squiggly Line?

I'm so grateful for all of my amazing clients! Just a partial list above...check out the testimonials page to see what they have to say about their experiences working with One Squiggly Line. 

Working with One Squiggly Line in person

Be sure to check out the FAQ page — you can even print it out and share it. Then go ahead and send me that email!

I can't wait to come draw for you!