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Three ways the brain makes meaning

Tom Wujec discusses 3 ways the brain makes meaning, including the important role visuals play, in this short video.


Syntactic theory of visual communication

Professor Paul Martin Lester of California State University at Fullerton lays out a lot of solid information about visual thinking and visual communication in this scholarly paper.


Visual thinking fun with the muppets

In this short clip, two muppets have a visual conversation until the visuals take over.


Teaching creativity and entrepreneurship

Tina Seelig discusses teaching creativity at Stanford University in this 3 minute clip.

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Interview with Ed Emberley

My all-time favorite visual thinker and artist talks about making complex things simple.


Picasso in action

2 minute video of Picasso doing what he does best - creating.


Duarte's five rules for presentations

The award-winning design firm, Duarte puts visuals high on the list of must-haves.


15 tools for solo brainstorming

A list with links to tools, sites, and apps to help generate even more ideas.


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Tom Wujec's visual notes

Tom Wujec shares his visual notes taken at TEDGlobal 2011.


A plea for visual thinking, by Rudolf Arnheim

Read what the man who coined the term "visual thinking" and spent a great deal of his life writing about says about the topic.


Doodlers, unite!

A 6 minute TED talk by Sunni Brown about the power and importance of doodling to think better.


Visual Communication in Business

A short summary article followed by a number of links for more info about the use of visuals in business.



Mentioned elsewhere on this site

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The International Center for Studies in Creativity

The International Center for Studies in Creativity, located at SUNY Buffalo, is internationally known for offering "The Credential in Creativity". Since 1967, ICSC has trained their students to be "more effective creative thinkers and problem solvers and to instill these critical life skills in others."

Design thinking at The Nueva School

A K-8 school that incorporates design thinking throughout the curriculum and in their i-lab.

San Francisco International Airport Museums

Includes two areas set aside for museum quality displays of Bay Area children's artwork.

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Hugs and Hope Club

A non-profit devoted to sending "happy mail" to critically ill children and their families.


International Child Art Foundation

The International Child Art Foundation aims to enhance academic performance and imbue global citizenship by nurturing children’s creativity and developing their empathy through the power of the arts.



MindCamp, Canada's Creativity Conference

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"Mindcamp is a four-day micro-university for personal, professional, and organizational creativity — a feast of 90-minute and half-day concurrent sessions presented by the best creativity leaders in North America and world-wide."


Brain Rules, by John Medina

This link takes you to his reference page related to vision and the brain.


The Beyonder Academy

The Beyonder Academy aims to empower individuals to achieve their creative potential through innovative education, associated with the International Center for Studies in Creativity.